Join the NDSR Advisory Group in 2019

This is a call for nominations for the 2019 term of the national NDSR Advisory Group.

As an independent coordinating body for the National Digital Stewardship Residency, the NDSR Advisory Group’s mission is to foster and promote national efforts to improve digital stewardship across disciplines through strategic initiatives, partnerships, research, cohort-based experiential learning, and standards development. In its inaugural year, the Group adopted the following primary responsibilities to steward forward:

  • Maintain governing documents of the NDSR program
  • Advise and inform NDSR program administrators and program administrator applicants
  • Offer recommendations and guidance on program methods and objectives
  • Promote the NDSR program within communities that offer hosts, mentors, and residents as well as within communities that can benefit from and collaborate with the program
  • Offer support and guidance to NDSR mentors, administrators, and residents in support of the NDSR mission either as requested or as needed
  • Encourage NDSR activities and programs to serve the NDSR mission in a manner that is transparent, participatory, and accessible

You are eligible to nominate yourself or your colleagues for a year-long term of voluntary service to begin in January 2019. Current serving Advisory Group members who wish to serve a second term must also seek re-election through this process. All nominations may be made with this form by the deadline of Friday, November 2. A secret ballot election period of November 5-9 will follow and the top seven (7) vote recipients will constitute the incoming Advisory Group.

Questions about the nomination and election process, and about the body in general, may be directed to the current Advisory Board at:

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