NDSR Resident Alumni

NDSR DC Alumni

NDSR DC 2013-2014

Julia Blase (LinkedIn) (Twitter)
NDSR Host: National Security Archive

Heidi Elaine Dowding (Website) (LinkedIn) (Twitter)
NDSR Host: Dumbarton Oaks Research Library and Collection

Maureen McCormick Harlow (Twitter)
NDSR Host: National Library of Medicine

Jaime McCurry (LinkedIn) (Twitter)
NDSR Host: Folger Shakespeare Library

Lee Nilsson (LinkedIn) (Twitter)
NDSR Host: Library of Congress

Margo Padilla (Twitter)
NDSR Host: University of Maryland Libraries and Maryland Institute for Technology in Humanities

Emily Reynolds (Twitter)
NDSR Host: World Bank Group

Molly Schwartz (Residency Blog) (LinkedIn) (Twitter)
NDSR Host: Association of Research Libraries

Erica Titkemeyer (LinkedIn) (Twitter)
NDSR Host: Smithsonian Institution Archives

Lauren Work (Residency Blog) (Twitter)
NDSR Host: Public Broadcasting Service

NDSR DC 2015-2016

Resident: John Caldwell
Host: U.S. Senate Historical Office
Project: Improving Digital Stewardship in the U.S. Senate

Resident: Nicole Contaxis
Host Mentors: Ben Peterson and Rebecca Warlow, National Library of Medicine
Project: NLM-Developed Software as Cultural Heritage

Resident: Valerie Collins
Host Mentor: Nancy Hadley, The American Institute of Architects
Project: Building Curation into Records Creation: Developing a Digital Repository Program at the American Institute of Architects

Resident: Jaime Mears
Host Mentors: Lauren Algee and Nicholas Kerelchuk, DC Public Library
Project: Personal Digital Preservation Access and Education through the Public Library
Project Blog

Resident: Jessica Tieman
Host Mentors: Lisa LaPlant and David Walls, Government Publishing Office
Project: Preparation for Audit and Certification of GPO’s FDsys as a Trustworthy Digital Repository


NDSR NY Alumni

NDSR NY 2014-2015
(Residents’ Blog)

Karl-Rainer Blumenthal (Website) (LinkedIn) (Twitter)
NDSR Host: New York Art Resources Consortium

Peggy Griesinger (LinkedIn) (Twitter)
NDSR Host: Museum of Modern Art

Julia Kim (LinkedIn) (Twitter)
NDSR Host: New York University Libraries

Shira Peltzman (LinkedIn) (Twitter)
NDSR Host: Carnegie Hall

Vicky Steeves (LinkedIn) (Twitter)
NDSR Host: American Museum of Natural History

NDSR NY 2015-2016

Resident Blog

Resident: Carmel Curtis
Host: Brooklyn Academy of Music
Project: The Archives and the Born-Digital Asset Life Cycle at the Performing Arts Institution

Resident: Dinah Handel
Host Mentor: Dave Rice, CUNY Television
Project: Harnessing Media Micro-Services for Stewardship of Digital Assets at CUNY TV

Resident: Genevieve Havemeyer-King
Host Mentors: Leliani Dawson and Kim Fisher, Wildlife Conservation Society
Project: Piloting Workflows and Systems for Long-term Preservation of Born-digital Content from the Wildlife Conservation Society’s Education, Exhibit, and Geospatial Analysis Departments

Resident: Mary Kidd
Host Mentors: John Passmore and Andy Lanset, New York Public Radio
Project: A Digital Preservation Roadmap for Public Media Institutions

Resident: Morgan McKeehan
Host Mentor: Dragan Espenschied, Rhizome
Project: Born-Digital Preservation in the Rhizome ArtBase


NDSR Boston Alumni

NDSR Boston 2014-2015

Residents’ Blog

Samantha DeWitt (LinkedIn)
NDSR Host: Tufts University

Rebecca Fraimow (LinkedIn) (Twitter)
NDSR Host: WGBH Media Library and Archives

Joseph Heinen (LinkedIn) (Twitter)
NDSR Host: Harvard Library

Jen LaBarbera (LinkedIn) (Twitter)
NDSR Host: Northeastern University

Tricia Patterson (LinkedIn)
NDSR Host: MIT Libraries

NDSR Boston 2015-2016

Resident Blog

Resident: Alexandra Curran
Host Mentor: Nancy McGovern, MIT Libraries 
Project: Preservation Storage: Bringing Holistic Decision-making into Action

Resident: Jeffrey Erickson
Host: University of Massachusetts, Boston
Project: Digital Preservation Planning and Implementation in University Archives and Special Collections at UMass Boston

Resident: Alice Prael
Host: John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum
Project: Preservation of a Legacy: Long Term Digital Preservation at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library

Resident: Stefanie Ramsay
Host: State Library of Massachusetts
Project: Assessment and Workflow Analysis for the Preservation of Born-Digital and Digitized Massachusetts State Publications

Resident: Julie Seifert
Host Mentor: Andrea Goethals, Harvard Library
Project: Preparing for a Trustworthy Repository Certification of Harvard Library’s DRS