Where are they now? Checking in with former Boston resident Tricia Patterson

NDSR residencies may be time-limited, but the impact they can have on residents’ careers can be far-reaching. For this series of interviews, we will be talking with former NDSR residents from various cohorts about how their residency affected them personally and professionally.

Program: Boston 2014-2015

Host: MIT Libraries

Can you briefly (in a sentence or two) summarize what your residency focused on?

Mapping reformatting and digital preservation workflows for MIT Libraries, using a small audiovisual collection as a use case to build out higher-capacity throughput.

What aspects of your residency impacted you the most vis-a-vis your career trajectory?

I’d say the connections/network I established made the biggest impact, followed closely by the increase in my content-expertise and hands-on experience.

What are the three most important skills you honed during your residency?

  1. Collaboration coordination
  2. Public speaking/presentation competency
  3. Technical skills

What advice do you have for future NDSR cohorts or other participants in early career residencies?

Read papers and conference proceedings. Keep abreast of what is going on in the field – it will give you a broader sense of the landscape early on and help you understand what mid-and-late career professionals consider important, so you can start honing your own perspective.

What is your favorite NDSR memory?

Getting together at my apartment with my cohort to watch all of our submission videos – pretty funny.

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