Where are they now? Checking in with former New York resident Mary Kidd

NDSR residencies may be time-limited, but the impact they can have on residents’ careers can be far-reaching. For this series of interviews, we will be talking with former NDSR residents from various cohorts about how their residency affected them personally and professionally.

Program: New York 2015-2016

Host: New York Public Radio

Can you briefly (in a sentence or two) summarize what your residency focused on?

I performed an assessment over all of New York Public Radio’s born-digital assets, to determine who or what creates digital files, what path they follow between temporary and long-term storage spaces. I created a final report offering recommendations for how the archive might make digital files more discoverable by internal staff, and implement better digital preservation measures. My report directly informed the creation of NYPL’s Archives Collection and Preservation Policy, which you can read here.

What aspects of your residency impacted you the most vis-a-vis your career trajectory?

NDSR gave me quick and direct access to a network of professionals in the fields of digital preservation, audio archives, and broadcast/media/radio archives.

What are the three most important skills you honed during your residency?

  1. Networking
  2. Public speaking
  3. Scripting

What advice do you have for future NDSR cohorts or other participants in early career residencies?

Read the NDSR Handbook and Toolkit. Keep in mind it is just as important that your needs as a temporary laborer are being met, from basic things like knowing where the bathroom is, to making sure you are being supported by your mentor and not being forced to work more than the amount of hours outlined in your project proposal. If you feel as though you are not receiving adequate support from your program administrator, or mentor, feel free to reach out to the NDSR listserv. And lean on your cohort (if you feel comfortable doing so), to amplify your voice in times of need.

What is your favorite NDSR memory?

Growing close to my amazing cohort, many of whom I remain close to, to this day.

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