Symposium Schedule

Thursday, April 27th

9:00AM        Coffee & Registration

9:30AM        Welcome by Margo Padilla, Strategic Programs Manager, METRO

9:35 AM      Opening Remarks by Robert Newlen, Deputy Librarian for Institutional Advancement, Library of Congress

9:40 AM      Overview of the NDSR Program by Trevor Owens, Senior Program Officer, IMLS

10:00AM     Keynote Address by Dr. Allison Druin, Special Advisor for National Digital Strategy at the National Park Service

10:45AM     Break

11:00AM      Long-Term Thinking, Short-Term Residences: Addressing Issues of Sustainability in the NDSR Model – Speakers/Panelists: John Caldwell, Valerie Collins, Nicole Contaxis, Dinah Handel, Mary Kidd

12:00PM     Lunch (provided)

1:00PM       Expanding NDSR Through Geographically Dispersed Cohorts – Speakers: Karina Wratschko, Kristen Regina, Rebecca Fraimow, Karen Cariani

1:30PM       Extending NDSR outside the US – Speakers: Charlotte Kostelic, Howard Besser

2:00PM      Building a Communication Network for Collaborative Projects – Speakers: Katie Mika, Pamela McClanahan, Marissa Kings, Alicia Esquivel, and Ariadne Rehbein

3:00PM      Break

3:15PM      Building a Digital Preservation Community in Public Broadcasting: A Case Study of the American Archive of Public Broadcasting’s National Digital Stewardship Residencies – Speakers/Panelists: Eddy Colloton, Kate McManus, Lorena Ramirez-Lopez, Andrew Weaver, Adam Lott, Selena Chau

3:45PM        Extending Training Findings Beyond NDSR – Speaker: Heidi Elaine Kelly

4:15PM       What Makes a Digital Steward? Lessons Learned and Next Steps to Take from the Competency Profile Based on the National Digital Stewardship Residencies – Speakers: Karl-Rainer Blumenthal, Peggy Griesinger, Julia Kim

4:45 PM       Digital Stewardship Competencies Survey – Speaker: Howard Besser

5:15PM       End of Day One

5:30 PM      Join us for an informal happy hour at Union Pub (201 Massachusetts Ave NE)

Friday, April 28th

9:00AM       Coffee & Registration

9:30AM       Is It Really Mentorship? Or Is it Something More?: Redefining The Mainstream Definition Of Mentorship In The NDSR Program – Speakers: Joe Carrano, Salwa Ismail

10:00AM     It’s National Digital Stewardship Mentors – Speakers: John Passmore, Dave Rice

10:30AM     Break

10:45AM     Building a Leadership Network Among NDSR Cohorts – Speakers: Laurie Allen, Alex Chassanoff, Jessica Meyerson, Bethany Nowviskie, and Ed Summers

11:30AM      Lightning Talks
– No Longer an Internship, Not Yet a Job: Lessons Learned Over the Course of 3 Fellowships/Residencies – Speaker: Molly Schwartz
– Growing a Digital Preservation Community in the Orbis Cascade Alliance – Speaker: Moriah Caruso
– The Leadership Role of Electronic Records/Digital Archivists: Exploring an Expertise-Based National Digital Stewardship Residency Hosting Model – Speaker: Jane Zhang

12:00PM     Closing Remarks and General Assembly Adjourns

12:00 PM – 5:00 PM    Lunch and Advisory Council/CLIR/Evaluation Meeting (Closed Meeting)