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This is a placeholder post. Can we get the blogs from all the programs to crosspost here?

  • AAPB NDSR Final Station Reports
    After a great presentation from our AAPB NDSR residents at the Society of American Archivists meeting in Portland last month, the 2016-2017 AAPB NDSR residencies have officially drawn to a close. Each host site has written up a report on … Continue reading →
  • Launching the American Archive of Public Broadcasting Wiki
    The AAPB NDSR residencies have now ended, but we’re very proud to launch the final project created by our AAPB NDSR residents: The American Archive of Public Broadcasting Wiki, a technical preservation resource guide for public media organizations. Selena Chau, … Continue reading →
  • Trying New Things: Meditations on NDSR from the Symposium in DC
    Way back in August, when I was already feeling overwhelmed by this residency, I decided that yes, I was going to join the planning committee for the NDSR Symposium. I don’t know why I thought taking on more obligations was … Continue reading →
  • Resident Webinar Recording Roundup
    With Lorena Ramírez-López’s presentation last month on “Whats, Whys, and How Tos of Web Archiving,” our AAPB NDSR webinar series has now concluded.  However, if you want to catch up on what you missed, I’m happy to share that recordings … Continue reading →
  • Adventures in Perceptual Hashing
    Background One of the primary goals of my project at CUNY TV is to prototype a system of perceptual hashing that can be integrated into our archival workflows. Perceptual hashing is a method of identifying similar content using automated analysis; … Continue reading →
  • Reporting from the PNW: Online Northwest Conference
    Hello, it’s your Pacific Standard Time/Pacific Northwest resident here reporting on happenings in the Cascadia region. I was fortunate to learn about the Online Northwest conference (someone who attended my KBOO Edit-a-Thon event told me about it!), although last minute. … Continue reading →
  • AAPB NDSR April Webinar
    Our last AAPB NDSR webinar is coming up this week! Whats, Whys, and How Tos of Web Archiving (Lorena Ramírez-López) Thursday, April 6 3:00 PM EST Basic introduction of: – what web archiving is 🤔 – why we should web … Continue reading →
  • Library Technology Conference
    I had juuuuuuuuuuust enough in my professional development funds to attend my very first Library Technology Conference at Macalester College in St. Paul. My local mentor, Jason Roy, recommended the conference to me. Though I could only afford to attend … Continue reading →
  • Professional Development Time Project: Audiorecorder
    One of the incredible things about my NDSR residency is that it requires me to spend 20% of my time working on professional development. This allows me to devote quite a bit of time to learning skills and working on … Continue reading →
  • Save the Data!
    On Saturday, February 25th, I met an archivist friend for lunch and then we went to our first DataRescue session, hosted by the University of Minnesota. The event went from Friday afternoon to Saturday evening. I was going to go … Continue reading →
  • The Last Day
    Hello all, Today is the last day of our residency program! Over the last nine months, we’ve attended and presented at numerous conferences, organized and supported community events, written blog posts here, for The Signal, and our personal blogs, participated in webinars and workshops, and…oh yeah, completed entire projects at our host institutions. We held … Continue reading The Last Day
  • Documentation & Policies
    As we near the end of the residency, I’ve mostly focused my efforts on writing documentation and policies for the State Library of Massachusetts. Prior to my project, there was limited or outdated documentation and no policies in place regarding the management of the library’s digital content. This is the position that many institutions are in … Continue reading Documentation & Policies
  • ALA Preservation Week
    Hello, friends, As some of you might know, last week was ALA’s Preservation Week, which is an event that raises awareness about preservation activities in libraries. Across the countries, libraries hosted events and activities that taught the public about preservation, covering everything from collections care in libraries to how individuals can preserve their own books … Continue reading ALA Preservation Week
  • NDSR Project Update from UMass Boston
    Hello Readers. The weather in Boston is beginning to warm. The Red Sox have opened their season and the Boston Marathon was run earlier this week. No doubt the crew teams are rowing in the Charles and the Swan Boats will soon be paddling across the pond in the Public Garden. Although spring is the season … Continue reading NDSR Project Update from UMass Boston
  • Web Statistics: CHECK
    We’ve accomplished a big milestone here at the State Library—we have completed our review of the web statistics! One of the main objectives of my project was to perform a comprehensive assessment of Massachusetts state government publications and we chose to use web statistics as a way of accomplishing this goal. The web statistics, gathered … Continue reading Web Statistics: CHECK
  • MIT Libraries Host Event: Resumes & Interviews
    On Wednesday March 30th, MIT Libraries held their NDSR Host Event, a Resume and  Interview Workshop. Each NDSR resident brought the description of a job for which they wanted to apply, their resume, and a cover letter. The residents paired up with an interviewer (NDSR hosts) to review their resume and cover letter to see … Continue reading MIT Libraries Host Event: Resumes & Interviews
  • Update on My Project
    Hello friends! Spring is here, allegedly, although you wouldn’t know from the snow we got recently. But it’s beginning to warm up, the river is thawing, and Harvard Yard is filling up with robins and tourists… The arrival of “Spring” also heralds the end of our residency…that May 31st deadline is on the horizon now.  In … Continue reading Update on My Project
  • Data Visualization: Choropleths and Cartograms and Treemaps, oh my!
    Hello Readers. Last week the NDSR Boston cohort visited with Helen Bailey, a digital curation analyst at MIT. In her spare time, Helen has become a data visualization expert. Helen provides data visualization support to the MIT Libraries and is sharing her knowledge of data visualization through presentations and workshops. If you think you are … Continue reading Data Visualization: Choropleths and Cartograms and Treemaps, oh my!
  • Code4Lib
    Last week I attended my first annual Code4Lib meeting in Philadelphia. Code4Lib started in 2003 as a mailing list and has since grown to a thriving community of hackers, cataloguers, designers, developers, librarians and even archivists.  This year was the 11th annual conference and there was a significant online presence, including an IRC, slack channel, … Continue reading Code4Lib
  • An Update from the State Library
    In college, I took several courses that involved working closely with one of the many helpful librarians on campus. She would often refer to our projects as “iterative”– so much so that she would even laugh as she said it. Six months into my residency at the State Library of Massachusetts, the joke is on me as our … Continue reading An Update from the State Library

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